Our organization commenced operations in the year 1992 as a manufacturer of concrete products under the name “Senpathi Concrete Works”.

In Sri Lanka wood has continuously been an essential raw material in building construction.  With the increase of population, building construction too was increased and as a result wood became an expensive raw material.  It is at this point of time people went in search of alternate raw materials in place of wood.

In this situation, the Management of Senpathi Concrete Works saw an impending opportunity for concrete based building materials and researched for a large number of such items that could be developed for building construction purposes.Accordingly, new technology machinery were purchased, additional workforce engaged and the organization got set for  a  busy future.

There onwards, our Company management slowly but steadily steered its way through the years to bring it upto  its present level of  a limited liability company,  i.e.,  Senpathi Concrete (Private) Limited.   Looking back at our 20 years of history, management notes with appreciation the vast experience gathered in the manufacture and sale of concrete products and on the other hand the Company is satisfied with its present onward journey towards a brighter future.

Started in a small way as a one man organization, Senpathi Concrete (Private) Limited presently owns two main city sales outlets and has consequently become the leader among concrete manufacturers in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

Concrete products are intended to be much stronger, long-lasting, be modern in patterns and should possess an exemplary finish in order to be competitive in the market and, above all, should be moulded in keeping with the requirements of the purchasers or the customers.  We proudly say that our products are such and that Senpathi team has always worked hard with dedication and devotion to achieve maximum “customer satisfaction” which we believe is the secret behind our success and progress.

In order to make available our products to customers and for the purpose of guaranteeing such products after sales, we are engaged in a series of long-term procedures as indicated below.

A.    Exercise special care and supervision at the time of purchasing raw materials for the manufacture of concrete products.

B.    Use high technological latest machinery under the supervision of experienced supervisors, provide field advice and continuously check that the mixtures are in accordance with the approved standards.

C.    Once the production process is completed, the products are securely stacked and wet them with water regularly until it is suitable for practical use.

D.    Provide free advisory services in the construction of buildings, garden decoration systems, water falls and other relevant field work using environment friendly and hygienical methods.

As explained above, we always use environment friendly methods in the existence and improvement of our concrete manufacturing business.  Waste water and material are systematically disposed of.   On the other hand, we have been able to contribute to some extent for the fulfillment of country’s employment requirements.  Our employees are well looked after by way of better wages and staff welfare and the resultant job satisfaction has enabled our team in the manufacture of high quality finished products.  

Our ultimate Vision, therefore,  is to carry on a successful concrete products manufacturing business for the benefit of the entire nation.

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Advising on modern house designs.
After sales advice on fixing and installing our products by our experienced supervisory staff
Transport services on concessionary rates.